Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh, How Times Have Changed.

This weekend, one of my best friends in the whole world came to visit for a Girls' Weekend.

In the old days, a visit like this one might have become a spur-of-the-moment trip to Chicago. Certainly it would have included a long afternoon spent convincing each other to buy things we didn't need, followed by an evening of booze-fueled conversation.

And the next morning? Would have found us sleeping till noon before heading out for a greasy breakfast (the best hangover cure I know).

Yeah, that was then. And now?

Well, on Friday, our hello hug was cut short by my embarrassed realization that I was covered in baby vomit.

The evening that followed consisted of me running up the stairs to check Tori's temperature, running back down to ask if I should put a blanket on her/open her window/wake her up to give her more Tylenol/call the doctor before dashing back up to continue to stare at her with a worried frown.

We did have an adventure the next day. We went to see a movie. In the theater. The first I'd seen in that environment since, well, Tori was born. And we shopped, too. For a little while. At Target.

But I yawned all the way through the film, and was too worried about the babe to even look at clothes.

And yesterday? We went on an actual road trip. To a town a whole 45 minutes away. With the baby in the back, the hub in the driver's seat and a stroller in tow.

It was a great day. A wonderful visit. A weekend full of laughter and fun. An awesome Girls' Weekend, to be sure.

But the me of five years ago? Is still wordlessly shaking her head at me, wondering what on earth happened to the Amber she knew.


  1. Sometimes the first all girls outing without your kiddo is hard. i know mine was.
    *sigh* I hope your Tori feels better.

    Glad you got to hang with your girlfriends.

  2. It's hard. BUt we totally change. I was the last of the bunch to have kids, so now I feel guilty for how I dropped my friends b/c they were suddenly too busy to have fun.

    I feel so guilty, cuz now I'm on the other side...and you just have a different life now.

  3. I guess what's important is how your friend took it, if she was up for the challenge!

  4. How times change, but would you have it any other way? Maybe you can plan for a girls' weekend getaway....that should be fun, you might find the old Amber for a minute.

    Hope your baby is feeling better.

  5. I can guarantee - you'll find yourself again. It just takes a few years, but you will be wiser and more fulfilled.

  6. I hear ya. I've been crazing a late night full of drunken goodness. Doubt there will be one in my near future though.

  7. I agree...what happens to us?! At least you still had a good time right!?! It does sound lovely!

  8. Sorry, I haven't been online much since I got home, I'm just catching up now.

    I had a blast! I love my friend of 13 years ago, 10 years ago, 7 years ago, 5 years ago, two weeks ago and today's girl too! I am so glad I got to visit all of them. (Thankfully) They are all there, so I don't have to miss any! All the changes only make you a more beautiful person and I am so damn lucky to have all of you in my life -- all of you, and Tori and even Brian too. The adventures of the past only inform the present and inspire the future (insert evil laugh) ... trust me, we'll get into more trouble, and we'll have to take Tori along for some of the rides! (Besides, i LOVE wandering Target. We did that in college, too, 'member?) love you and thanks again for a wonderful weekend!


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