Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hey, It's Okay...

Can you believe it's been four weeks since I've done one of these posts and they still haven't stopped the oil spill from destroying the Gulf? That, my friends, is so far from okay it boggles the mind. As is BP's relentless pursuit of someone else to blame. And, and, and...

Well, there's a whole hell of a lot about what's going on in the gulf that's not okay. But this list isn't about that. It's the brain child of the Whispering Writer at Airing My Dirty Laundry, and it's about the rest of life's flotsam and jetsam. So without further ado, I give you:

Hey, it's okay to wish that someone would gather up every single last pair of pants with phrases billboarded across the butt (I don't need to know your tush is juicy, thanks) and throw them in a giant bonfire.

Hey, it's okay to kind of wish you could have breakfast for dinner...every day.

Hey, it's okay to consider shaving your head when the humidity reaches Utterly Gross levels—but unless you've got a gorgeous skull a la Sinead O'Connor, I'd recommend resisting the impulse.

Hey, it's okay to keep attempting to slither into those skinny jeans...even though you've only lost two pounds.

Hey, it's okay to be completely, insanely jealous of whoever wrote Date Night—and to be secretly sure that you could write something just as hilarious, if only you could find the time,  motivation and discipline.

 Hey, it's okay to sit in your baby's kiddie pool and drink pina coladas after she goes to bed.

Hey, it's okay to wish someone had told you, "sure, you can be whatever you want, but doctors and lawyers make a hell of a lot more money than English majors."

Hey it's okay to think that even if you had as much money as a neurosurgeon with a law degree, you still wouldn't waste it on a McMansion (but a second home on a private island in the Caribbean is another story altogether).

Hey, it's okay to still think the giant sunglasses trend makes everyone look like a big bug

Hey, it's okay to get all your news from The Daily Show—you need a little laughter to sop up the tears.

That's what I'm okay about this week. How 'bout you?


  1. Um, I *might* get my news from the Daily Show. Okay, I do. That, and twitter. And yes - who wants to know that your ass is juicy, or pink? I also want breakfast for dinner, but that's only because I love tater tots!

    Great list! I think we have a lot in common!

  2. I like the kiddie pool and the pina colada okay..LOL.
    And the BIG sunglasses.
    I can picture myself in the kiddie pool with the pin colada and the sunglasses...

    after the kiddos have gone to bed...

  3. It's okay to call it a diet because french fries are a vegetable and the burger did have lettuce and tomato on it.

    Love your list!!

  4. I love when you do this post.

    I have to start...but I'm not even close to as clever as you.

    I think I'll come here instead...

  5. I confess, I also get my news from the Daily Show.

    It's OK to sneak chocolate whenever the kiddo's head is turned or hubby steps out of the room.

  6. You crack me up. And I hate those McMansions. I just watched an episode of Househunters last night in which a couple were deciding between one of three tacky McMansions in Texas. We turned it off. BORING!!

  7. I love breakfast for any meal of the day and yes, I think next week in Mexico I may be reaching for the clippers.

  8. ha ha, love it. Ok, so...

    1. I was an English major too.
    2. I nearly wanted to shave my head this past weekend for the very reason you described.
    3. What do mean Jon Stewart isn't 'real' news?

  9. i will light the match to start the pants fire. Seriously


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