Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hey It's Okay...Tuesday and Every Other Day.

The world just keeps getting more screwed up, doesn't it? Oil spills in the gulf, tornadoes in Oklahoma, floods in Tennessee...whatever Mother Nature is up to, it sure isn't cool. Those are things we all should be worried about.

This list (brought to you by the lovely mistress of Airing My Dirty Laundry One Sock At a Time) is about all the silly crap that clutters up our brains and adds stress to our lives. The stuff that it's perfectly alright to be okay with. And with that I bring you...

Hey it's Okay...

It's okay to ignore the Mommy Nazis and feed your kids a little refined sugar every once in a while. I mean, childhood without cookies and cupcakes? Is not really childhood at all.

It's okay to flip through the Top 40 radio stations and realize you don't recognize a single song...or want to. You're not getting old, you're just too cool for mainstream media.

It's okay to get down in the dirt and show your little ones how to make mud pies. If they have to learn, they might as well learn from the best!

It's okay to secretly wish that the Sports Illustrated model wanna-be who just passed your huffing and puffing self on the jogging trail would trip over her shoelace or pull a hamstring or something.

It's okay to think that a little dust adds character to a home...and a few dirty dishes make it look lived in. Just make sure to throw away the dirty diapers hiding in the corner of the bathroom, mmmmkay?

It's okay to look at your perpetually puking cat and wonder why he can't just eat it again like dogs do.

It's okay to finally get serious about your diet simply so you won't be judged and found wanting by thousands of women at a blogging conference (not that I'm doing that or anything...).

It's okay to take your 15 loads of laundry to the laundromat on the other side of town, just so no one sees how behind you are.

It's okay to roll your eyes at your husband's Lost obsession, even though you enjoy the show too.

It's okay to wish you had a cleaning lady, but be too embarrassed by your messy house to call one.

That's my list. What are you okay about this week?


  1. Is it ok that my cats eat their own puke?

  2. Love, love, love your list!!!! I am free!!!!

  3. I so loved this Amber! I can't wait to do one next week. and hey? It is okay to forget about this every week and wish you had remembered too late.

  4. This is sooo funny that you posted this, as I was just thinking yesterday "It is totally okay to feel relief when dropping your kid off at a baby-sitters for a few hours so you can get some alone time. And then to feel relief again when you pick him up and he comes right to you as if you're the only one he ever wants."

    Love your list!

  5. Ooh - so glad I'm not going to a blogging conference where I'd be judged and found wanting. Although I would love to sleep in a hotel by myself!

  6. From my week: It is okay to get angry, curse the world and fantasize about exaggerated confrontations with irrational people, only to settle back into normal 5 minutes later and pick your battles as usual.

  7. Mommy Nazis scare me. I avoid them.

  8. It's okay when you see crack head mothers with perfectly healthy children and just wish for one second that your child's health problems were magically whisked away to her child and your child had perfect health.....

  9. Rebecca; I'm with ya!

    Perfect moms, perfect kids...they have no idea what I go through.

    Love Amber's lists!
    So fun.


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