Monday, March 22, 2010

A First Birthday Gift Conundrum.

As I may have mentioned a time or two hundred, Tori's going to turn one soon. Which means that various relatives and friends are asking me what she'd like for her birthday.

The thing is, I really don't know what she wants. I mean, I'm not sure she even knows it's her birthday. So I asked her. And you know what? She did have opinions.

So here it is. Tori's Birthday List (as interpreted by me).

A Swing Set.

Now, I was thinking about getting her a little something like this...

But she says all the cool kids have Sky Forts (peer pressure starts early). She wants one like this...

I told her she'll need to find new parents first (this set is a little too rich for our blood).

A sand box.

Now that seems pretty doable. I thought this one (with its own little wading pool) would do nicely.

But no. She wants something a little more like this...

I told her that might be a little beyond our budget this year. So next she tells me she wants...

A pony.

Since she can't even walk yet, I assumes she means a rocking horse. Like this.

But no. She saw Hannah Montana riding one like this, so nothing else will do.

I told her I'd get working on that "searching for my real parents" ad for her.

Crossing her arms in a huff, she asked me if she could at least have...

A swimsuit.

I thought that was a great idea. So I showed her this adorable number from Gymboree.

Turns out that my baby girl only wants designer clothing this summer. Her choice? A stylish one piece from Dolce and Gabbana.

I laughed and told her the only designer labels she would be wearing are those from Target.

Hearing this, she threw one of her signature temper tantrums for about two minutes. And afterwards? She told me all she really wanted was a day with her grandparents, lots of hugs and kisses, and maybe a new set of measuring cups to chew on.

That, I said, makes sense. After all, what more does a one-year-old need?


  1. LOL It starts early. ;)

    Btw, I told my family for my boys' first birthdays- to go together and get us memberships- children's museum, zoo, etc.

  2. hahahahaha a dolce and gabbana? Girlfriend's got taste!

  3. As for the Sky Fort - who cares about the actual fort? I just want that view!!!

  4. Too funny. I'll take Tori's sandbox too. Man I could use some sun and relaxing.

  5. Who even knew Dolce and Gabbana made swimsuits?!? Crazy!! I did actually see that suit at Gymboree, and thought it was adorable!!

  6. It would be pretty easy to build the "sky fort", and lumber is pretty cheap.

    Might be cooler to build it as an AT-AT though.

    I can work on some plans if you would like...

  7. Ohmygosh - this had me laughing out loud! Thanks for that!

    And, by the way, since we're coming up on my Collin's big first birthday, too, we've been looking around for gift ideas. We saw a very cute sand/water table at Costco for just under 50 bucks. It may appease Tori until you can get to her tropical oasis...


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