Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Life of a Goddess (minus all the perks).

Today, I am leading a life of leisure. For the first time since Tori was born, I spent the entire day in bed. Yes, folks. The entire day.

I have a jug of ice water at my side. A plethora of magazines and books for my reading pleasure. A variety of snacks available to soothe my delicate hunger pains. And of course, my iPod, trusty computer and TV remote control.

I am laying on 400 thread count sheets. A ceiling fan is blowing a gentle breeze on my face. The sun shines through my window, sparkling beautifully on the dust bunnies that live in my corners.

Even better, the house is silent. The hub is at work, and the babe is at daycare. My only companions are of the furred variety, and their demands are much simpler (and more easily ignored).

The cost of this day of (ahem) bliss? A belly fully of incisions that weep pink blood every time I move. Also, pain that has me whimpering into my pillow, controllable only with the precious vial of little white pills that sits on my nightstand. And, of course, a stomach so bloated that I look like I am six months pregnant once again (and I really wasn't missing that particular look).

Yes, ladies, heaven has its price. And its name is Abdominal Surgery. Be jealous of me if you will, but remember, if your body is fucked up enough, you too can join me in my pillowed paradise.

And this is what will have to pass for a pithy post today (as I mentioned, I may be a bit high on painkillers).


  1. Ouch. I'm sorry you are in pain!! Glad the surgery went well though.

  2. Abdominal surgery? Really? Ddid it fix the awful pain U had before? Well now you have incision pain but you know what i mean. Yowzers!

    Relax with lots of pillows and magazines and your laptop, you got a cabana boy on call for you too?
    You should. you really should.

    I'm glad those docs fixed your problem and that Tori is at daycare.
    Enjoy your day, hopefully without too much pain.

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    Take care my friend.
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  3. i hope those drugs are helping you girl.
    I enjoy reading your stuff.
    Take care.
    (I forgot to put that in my last comment.)

  4. Well, you sure did make it sound good at first. Hoping for a speedy recovery!

  5. Oh honey...I hope you start to feel better very, very soon! In my experience, within a day or two the pain starts to lessen dramatically...I wish the same for you.

    And when in doubt, take an extra little white pill and tell the hubby to deal with it:) Loves!

  6. I was jealous--until I read about your surgery. So sorry hun! Feel better soon! And milk it for all it's worth!!

    Do me a favor please--all of my readers lost my feed this weekend when I switched to Word Press. Can you visit my site at and re-subscribe to my feed or re-follow me through google? THANKS :)

  7. Oh girl, I remember those days post-C section. I am soooo feeling for ya. And if we lived anywhere close to each other, I'd be over there with a basket full of goodies: Ben & Jerrys and a variety of little bottles of liquor - screw what the prescription says, it can't hurt to mix the pills and booze!!

  8. Hey - since you're living the life of a goddess - maybe you could get your Hubs to dress as a cabana boy. Complete with palm fronds for a breeze and grapes for a snack. . . .

  9. Oh, you poor thing. It's crazy how extreme the situation has to be for us to get some rest!

  10. A day in bed is a day in bed... regardless of how you got there. I am so glad you are back on track.

  11. Ouch! You had me up until the whole abdominal surgery thing. Hope you feel better soon.

  12. Agh! I was feeling so happy for you until I read that. I am so sorry and you are in my thoughts.

  13. Thanks, everyone! I'm sure I'll be back to my normal crabby self in no time!

  14. been there, done that! I had a 10+ lb ovarian tumor when I was 17. Nothing like walking around high school looking extremely pregnant when you a) don't have a boyfriend and b) AREN'T PREGNANT!!! I'm still pretty sure there are those that think I was pregnant, had the baby and gave it up for adoption...

    Anyway, a 7 inch incision, 48 (yes I know exactly how many) staples, some wonderful doses of Morphine, and 5 days in the hospital later I was cyst-less (and thankfully mine wasn't cancerous either). I totally feel your physical pain, and hope you have a speedy recovery, and that you have stitches and not staples - those buggers got SOO itchy when they started to heal...

    Take care, and you've made me feel really guilty, here I haven't written a post all week and you've had SURGERY and STILL wrote! I'm so ashamed...

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  16. Following from FF! Nice to meet you! I love your background and font. So pretty!

  17. Thanks for stopping by it is awesome to meet you. I am already loving your open, say it like it is, writing style. I am off to checkout your Yo Gabba Gabba post. I saw the word "dildo" and am very

  18. Sorry to hear about your surgery. Hope you feel better soon.

    I'm a new Friday Follower :)

  19. Being high on painkillers is fun. When I got my wisdom teeth out, I watched "Big Fish," and that movie is trippy enough without drugs. I haven't been able to watch it since!

  20. Sometimes a day of leisure comes with a price. So sorry. Feel better. Love your blog.

  21. Just stumbled on to your blog. Love it! Looking forward to reading more!

  22. All I can think to say is, "Enjoy your down time," but somehow that doesn't seem quite right. It seems like I'm saying, "Enjoy your weeping incision and pain levels that require heavy medication." Yeah, doesn't exactly sound like I'm wishing you the very best. So however that should be worded, imagine that's what I said. :o) Feel better soon!


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