Friday, February 26, 2010

A Blogging Identity Crisis.

When I started this blog, I had no real idea what I was going to do with it. I had this domain name, and needed to find something to write about. So I  began chronicling my pregnancy and told friends and family where to find me.

For many, many moons, they were the only ones who read it. But then something happened. I started getting into this whole blogging thing in a serious way.  I loved having my own personal soapbox. I loved feeling like I was connected to a larger community of women. Blogging became less of a "want to" and more of a "have to for my sanity's sake."

And now? Well, obviously, this here blog is still pretty tiny in the big scheme of things. But it's getting bigger, and being read by people from all over the darned place. And when you google "amber page?"  This is the first listing that comes up.

All that is perfectly awesome, of course. being out here like this, writing on a blog called "Amber Page Writes," is making my family nervous. Because that means they're all out there too. I mean, I try to be careful about what I say. The general rule is, if I don't want my mom or my boss to read it, I don't put it out there.

But what I consider over sharing and what the rest of my family considers over sharing are sometimes two very different things. Two very, very different things.

So, I'm toying with the idea of changing my name.

I've got a domain purchased and everything—it's "Adventures of a Clueless Mom."

The question is, should I? Or is this something I should have thought about six months ago? Would I be shooting myself in the foot? I really want your advice. What do you guys think?


  1. On the one hand, I'm a bit sad because I actually love your blog name - it just works perfectly. That said, I totally get what you are saying and your family's privacy and happiness is way more important. You write so well that I think people will follow you to the new domain and continue to love your blog no matter what you call it. I'll get used to the new name - it's a good one!

  2. I like the new name! You could just keep your layout and design the same for continuity's sake if that worries you. But I do see why you might want to change it...just for privacy's sake.

  3. I will certainly follow you to your new domain and, as a mother, daughter, and wife myself, I totally understand your (and your family's) concerns about privacy. Internet safety is everyone's business!

  4. Do it! Just redirect your old blog ne
    so it points to the new one!

  5. Not to be a contrarian but, obfuscation is not privacy or security. Unless you are going to take your name completely off the blog and go by a pseudonym, Google will associate ‘Amber Page’ with your blog even if the name changes. Besides what writer name could be better than Amber Page? Definitely traded up there. Anyway, I’m off track. Continue to watch your topic selection. Be mindful of your family’s feelings, and keep talking to them about their concerns. But my vote is for keeping the current name.

  6. I feel like you're reading my mind. My domain is, and my name is splashed all over everything. But I almost wish I had started things anonymously, because there are SO many things I want to talk about but either don't want to flat out admit or don't want the people I'm talking about to know. Sigh. Too late now for me, but I agree with Rob-you do have the perfect name and domain right now:) Do whatever you think is going to make you happier and help you write more AND better.

  7. if it'll make you feel more comfotable writing under a different domain then I say do it, don't affiliate it with this one if you want to keep it separated from your "real" life and family. Honestly, whatever you feel would be best probably will be, and I'm sure most (if not all!) of your followers would be happy to subscribe to a diferent blog ;)

  8. I am anonymous, but if you google my real name, you can come up with my blog. W.T.F.

  9. Thanks for following me, I am now following you! Happy Friday Follow!
    I like the new name!

  10. I prefer to write anonymously. I feel like it gives me more freedom, as well as protecting my family's privacy a bit more.

    I'm not comfortable with having my kids names and our hometown out there as common knowledge, though so many people do.

  11. Thanks for the advice guys. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do...Rob's right - Amber Page is the best writer's name a girl could have...hmmm.

    Keep discussing, I love hearing what you have to say!

  12. I'm anonymous. but it doesn't really change anything I write. My family still reads it and they still know if I put something out there they don't want out.

    Regardless of if your name is on there in big lights or not, your family and friends know that the blog is YOU and know what skeleton you are writing about. (I rarely talked about breastfeeding, knowing my dad was uber-uncomfortable with talk of boobies by his little girl!)

    If you change, or don't change, I think you will have the same readers and probably the same blogging issues. Think your Crazy Aunt won't have a problem reading about her love of BeDazzling dog clothese just because your name isn't attached?

  13. I am struggling with this SAME question as we speak. I have been using my blog mostly for friends and family for the past two years. But, now I am finding myself wanting to branch out more, and write about things my friends or family may not necessarily want to read -or that I want them to know about either. But at the same time I don't want to lose the few readers that I already have. What to do is the question.
    Good luck in your decision!



  14. I have got back and forth with this too, but my whole thing ... I want my kids stories out there because I see them as an inspiration, so I'll remain mostly public.. lol.. but you need to do what you feel you need to, and better now then 6 months from now...

  15. Now I'm thinking I might keep it. I'm rather attached to it...

  16. If you change it, you'll lose your Google page rank and search engine status... but for the price of anonymity? It all depends upon which is more important.

  17. i do like your new domain name--adventures of a clueless mom...
    good one!
    I just thought Amber Page was a pen
    i originally had my last name in the title but changed it.
    But now, it seems I am everywhere as Cluttered Brain--that's just fine.
    And my pic is attached to it of course.
    I'm fine with it.
    Just give me a heads up on where you go so I can follow you there too.
    Are you on Twitter as well?

  18. From Lady Blogger Tea Party...
    I completely agree with being anonymous and for all the reasons you have stated. I don't know much about the technical aspect and how long things will point to your old blog and so forth, which might be worth checking into before making a decision. Another thing to think about is that your blog name is different, it stands out in the crowd. Sorry I can't help you much, just my two cents.

  19. I do like the current name that you have. Still, I understand the want to be clueless. Whatever you choose to do, your dedicated readers will follow you. Just keep us updated!

  20. I'd still read if you changed your name!

  21. I say go for it! Blogging is so awesome and the possibilities are endless!! I still can't get over how addicting it is.

    And thank you so much for your sweet comment to me the other day...I appreciate it SO much!!!

  22. Everyone will have a different thought or reasoning. And it's pretty much up to you and what you feel comfortable with. I was actually the opposite (sort of) I started my blog as Kelli-Marks the Spot, which is my name, right there. But, I wrote under the name of Valarie. (That's my alterego, yes, I think I have one). And I had fake names for everyone. But they got confusing to keep track of. And then my stories weren't really what I wanted to say. They became a watered-down version of me. I was afraid that even with a fake name, my stories would be recognized. And I was building a house and wanted to post pictures. But what if someone recognized my house? I was scared. So I did the same thing, I asked my readers what I should do. And everyone told me to come out as my real self. And at the same time, I had made great bloggy friends and I hated lying to them. So I started blogging under my real name. And talking about my real family. There are a few times that I've wanted the security of the anonymity, so I could say something else, but for me, this is best. This is who I am.
    You have to decide what is best for you. And go with it. If your family has problems with you talking about them, find a compromise, you won't talk about X or you give them fake names or something. But, it's your blog. And if you are like me, it's not necessarily about them, but how they fit with you.

  23. I think that that is a great idea! You will also see how much more you open up when you feel secure with your site. New name is great. Do it! You'll like the change!


  24. I'm coming from the same place you are. My blog started as just something fun that I only planned on sharing with my family and friends. But now that I've gotten into blogging in a big way, my family is nervous about what I might put out there. I kind of want to move my blog and change the whole scope of it - not sure where to go with that yet though.


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