Monday, February 15, 2010

The Anatomy of a Sick Day.

It's cold outside. Cold and snowy. We've got six inches of snow on the ground, and more is falling. Normally, this would make for an awful start to a Monday morning. Normally I'd be out there scraping off my car, and negotiating un-plowed roads, and dealing with drivers, who despite living in a region where snow falls fairly regularly, still cannot manage to steer their cars in a straight line.

But my body had other ideas this morning. It decided to declare a revolt. It decided that I really didn't need to be going anywhere today. So here I sit, aching and tired, on my couch.

Aching and tired, but not cold. Or soggy. Or enraged because of what the idiot in front of me just did. Nope, I'm just sick.

And so I sit, watching the fire crackle and the twitter stream go by. I listen to the wind howl, glad that for the moment, while my daughter naps, the house is silent around me. I sip my hot tea and re-arrange my blanket around my toes, snuggling a little deeper into the cushions.

I consider doing some dishes, but my body protests, so I don't. I think about taking a nap. My body thinks that sounds like a good idea, so my eyes drift closed, heading toward dreamland.

But what's that I hear? The monster is up from her nap. Reluctantly, I pull myself up from my cozy nest, wondering if it's too soon to take some more Advil. Because while I might be sick enough to declare this a day off of work, there's no such thing as a sick day for mommies.


  1. Hello! I got a new computer for V-Day so now I have no problem commenting! yay!
    Anyway, I hope you feel better! I think it's so hard to be sick and then have to care for your children when all you want to do is crawl into bed and be left alone!

    Good luck!

  2. Oh i relate to this all to well! I'm sick today too, but was still nevertheless woken up super early by my 4 and 6 year old bickering. Not good times. Feel better! :)

  3. No, there is no day off for Mommies. Hope the Advil helps!

  4. That's sort of what I've been thinking with President's Day today and everyone tweeting and FBing about how they have a 3-day weekend. There's no such thing as a 3-day weekend in Mommyland, either.

    Feel better and shamelessly use that DVD player to give you a break today :)

  5. Amen! I was sick today too ( as you know - and I have an ear infection AND a cold... meh ), but I was blessed with a 4 hour Beatrice nap in the afternoon... I should have snuggled on the couch, but what did I do? Made chicken noodle soup. Too much. If you were closer, I would have shared the pot!


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