Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts.

I have been staring at the computer screen for more than half an hour now, trying to think of something interesting to say. But you know what? It's not coming. It's just not. So, instead, let's have some Tuesday Randomness, shall we?

I can't remember where, but I know I've read that a mother is biologically wired to come running when her baby cries. And yet, we're supposed to let them cry it out when they won't go to sleep. Can someone tell me how that's not supposed to feel like torture? Because right now? She's screaming.  My husband's glaring at me, telling me to let her be. And I feel like the worst mother in the world.

Also, that thing they call Mommy Guilt? Sucks ass. I hope it gets better as she gets older, because right now, every stupid thing rips me to shreds. You could tell me that baby pandas are dying because I buy her baby food instead of making it and I'd believe you (yes, I know that doesn't make sense. That's the point).

And why the hell does it cost $18 to sit on Santa's lap? That just seems wrong. And not at all in the spirit of Christmas. Yet people stand in line for hours to pay for the privilege of making their child scream with terror at the sight of that bearded stranger...and proudly take home a glorified Polaroid to remember the occasion.

There's a thing called Photoshop, people. Use it and save yourself the twenty bucks and hours of agony.

Baby update? She's still screaming.

You know what else seems pointless? Making a Christmas list for an eight month old. Her needs are very few. And at this point, she has very little. You could buy her a set of measuring cups and she'll be happy. In fact, she'll be ecstatic when she realizes that all that shiny paper is hers to shred.

My brother is threatening to buy her a drum set. Which I'm kinda okay with. But cymbals? Not so much. Although, I suppose I could use the cymbals to drown out the sound of her screams...

Speaking of Christmas lists, I don't know what to put on mine. A bottle of Jack Daniels, maybe? A liposuction machine? A winning lottery ticket? I'm going to have to get creative.

The baby is no longer screaming, but only because my husband gave in and went upstairs. I think I'll take advantage of the silence to check out some of the other linkies over at The Un-Mom. I suggest you do the same.


  1. I know what you mean about the Christmas list...our little one was 7 months last year for Christmas, and he didn't need anything! All we asked for was money for his education fund, and all we got was crap. Have fun with that :)

  2. It gets better. Trust me.
    They get older and they don't cry at you, they whine about how they want a later curfew, or how they need candy, or how they want a I-phone, or an I-pod.
    It is definitely worth it in the end.
    When I have nuthin to say, I just post a picture.
    Makes it easy that way...:D Wordless Wednesday is tomorrow...

  3. A bottle of Jack makes the holidays go 'round.

  4. The guilt thing definitely gets better, I promise! Don't beat yourself up over jarred food...better to feed her from a jar and have a few extra minutes to spend playing with her than using that time to make homemade baby food! And she'll never know the difference and she'll be just fine! Mine is!

  5. Hey I know what you are going through. But let the baby cry. I was that asshole husband that says wait. Good luck with all that. And it isn't baby pandas but little baby seals. Seal killer.

  6. i had the same problem yesterday--not having anything interesting to post about. so i posted about not having anything to post about. exciting stuff.

    my daughter was 7 months old on her first christmas and i also had a list of toys...toys that she has hardly played with until a couple of months ago. yeah, she's two and a half.

  7. Oh, I never could let my kids cry it out. I'm a sissy. Can't do the screaming, unless I leave the house and I think that might be illegal.

    I'm having a hard time with my kids' Christmas lists. My oldest wants things that are too old for him, my daughter wants everything. My baby doesn't care. I just want to not be broke. That would be nice. Oh, and a nice pair of knee high black boots...

  8. You are SO right about your 8 month old and her being content with a "gift" of shiny wrapping paper. My daughter was that age for first Christmas(14 years ago) and she was all about the bows and paper.
    If I were you, I would put 12 hours of sleep--straight--
    on my Mommy Xmas wish list.

  9. Oh the mommy guilt…it never goes away, just changes as they get older. It's a killer.

  10. A lot of banks have free pictures with Santa days. I always search out free options when I feel the need to torture my son.

    And I'm with you on the Christmas Lists. Little BB is so young, there really isn't much she needs. And I always feel weird asking for things for myself, like "How selfish am I?" lol

  11. I don't have a child yet, but I've heard the whole "you're not supposed to give the baby attention when they are screaming" thing as well and I feel like I would feel so guilty! You really shouldn't feel guilty at all, but I do understand what you mean about- it would be hard!

    I agree about Santa- how on earth do the malls and such feel good charging that much during the season where everyone is supposed to help others and give from yourself. That's just insane!

    Great blog! :)


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