Saturday, October 17, 2009

Banishing the Baby Belly: Week 5

First, the good news. Yesterday, my scale told me that I had indeed lost the 1.2 pounds that I gained last week  - coming out even again.

But this morning? It told me I had magically gained 1.8 pounds...overnight. And just to clarify, I didn't eat anything extraordinarily heavy last night. Didn't even have a late night snack. There is absolutely no reason for this ridiculous jump.

Excuse my french, but what. the. fuck???

Apparently, my scale hates Saturday. Which means I'm not going anywhere near it on Saturdays anymore. Instead, I'll weigh in on Friday—I'm sure as hell not plugging today's number into my weight tracker.

So. We'll pretend that the scale did indeed tell me I lost that 1.2 pounds. As it should have, since I tracked my points this week, drank my water, exercised—I even dragged my saggy ass to the gym. Finally.

So, yay for me. I lost this week (play along with me, people). Next week's challenge? To make it to the gym on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, and work out here at home at least once. Oh...and to not participate in this weekend's Quest for More Food (the in-laws are here).

Wish me luck.

Now it's your turn. 'Fess up, people.


  1. Nothing. No gain, no loss. Nada.

    But, to my credit, I usually don't drink anything before my weigh-in. This morning, an earlier than usual start to my Saturday required some caffeine, so I did, in fact, have some ounces in me before I weighed in.

    So I probably lost, right?

  2. Today is my 2 month mark, and I made my goal - down 25 pounds! I've been working my hiney off (literally, I suppose), and it's SO nice that it's actually paying off! But there's still oh so far to go... One day at a time, right?

    Now, I'm off to go have sushi. Don't tell my trainer. Or my scale.

  3. Yay to losing 1.2lbs! ;)

    Thank you for visiting my blog :)I am now a follower of yours :) Happy Sunday!

  4. I'm starting running weight loss page on my blog, too...2 years is way to long to hold on to this baby weight! Good luck, and congrats on the 1.2 lbs.!

  5. The same thing happened to me! Saturday the scale said I was my normal weight. Sunday it jumped up almost 2 lbs. This morning it was back down again. I'm blaming it on water weight. It makes me feel better anyway.

  6. Maybe it was just water retention! I've gained up to 8 lbs of water! It's insane!


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