Sunday, August 2, 2009

Oh. My. God.

Ahem. This is me getting on my soap box. Now I'm staring at you sternly. And now I'm shaking my finger at you accusingly.

Well, not all of you. Just those of you that think it's a great idea to let your house cat outside. Who think that those fuzzy little kitties who usually dine on kibble need to be able to hunt. And chase things. And poop in other people's gardens. And whatever else you think your very domesticated creature needs to do to stay in touch with his or her wild side.

Because you know what else they can do when you let them roam free?

Run out into the middle of a damn highway and get hit by a car. Or three.

No, my car wasn't the one that hit the cat. But I watched it happen. It was a kitten. A little black cat, with white paws and a white mark on his chest. You know how I know? Because after I watched the car ahead of us mow him down, we drove past him, and saw him still raising his poor little watch as the car behind us finished the job.

I screamed, Internet.  I wanted to turn around and save him. But we were going 70. There was no shoulder. And before we could stop...well, I already told you what happened.

I have two cats of my own. Two very spoiled cats who are every bit as much a part of the family as my baby daughter. And I would rather cut off my right hand then let them roam free.

They're not wild.

They are domestic cats. Born of domestic cats. Who themselves were probably the progeny of other domestic cats. In other words, there's not a wild bone in either one of their bodies.

They do not need to hunt. Sure, they might like to, but that's why we have feathery cat toys and little yarn mice. It's called PetSmart people. Go there. Spend five dollars. And keep your cats inside, where it's safe.

Because if you don't? They could become the next little splat on the highway.

And no creature, no matter how small, deserves to meet his end that way.


  1. Good point! I am sorry you had to witness this. This is exactly why I never advice people to have in-out cats. I too had a bad experience once.

    An adult cat was hit by incoming traffic. I did stop and took that cat at a vet at 9:30-10PM. The cat was clearly a domestic cat. He was well fed and his fur looked nice. But the car that had hit him had broken his jaw and caused other brain damage. The vet said it was better to put him down. As a result I got stuck with a $200 bill, but at least he did not suffer.

    On another note, you can take your cats out on a leash and be there at all times. Cats can get used to the leash, but once they know they can go out there, they will ask you to take them out every day or so. So, be prepared!

  2. So true! I can't imagine having to witness that. SO many people in my area just dump their pets off I have a friend who was complaining she didn't like her dog anymore... two weeks later her dog "ran away" and hasn't been seen since. Nice.

  3. I am so sad right now (and honestly, I don't even like cats). Idiot pet owners can be so stupid & cruel.

  4. Awe! I am so sorry! That is great advice though with a humorous edge. LOL

    BTW, I also wanted to say thankyou so much for stopping by and commenting on my Time Management post. I have to tell ya, that I too get overwhelmed. It is definitely not easy. But once you get yourself on a schedule and work on the small things - you will be fine. I wish you all the best at your new job and remember - Be Flexible! :)

    Feel free to keep in touch, I am great listener if you ever need to vent!


  5. oh, amen to that.

    Not to mention that indoor cats are healthier and have a MUCH lower incidence of worms and other creepy stuff.

    That poor little kitty :-(

  6. I read this thinking I would feel sorry for that little kitten... but it turns out I still hate cats. Go figure.

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