Saturday, July 4, 2009

File Under: Wish This Was Mine.

Although some may scoff at the idea, I believe advertising, when done well, is a form of art. Sure, we get paid to create it, but the creatives I've known (at least, those who deserve the title) put everything they've got into their work.

Doesn't matter what the product is. Doesn't matter if the client expects it. We put forth our best efforts, because, well, the part of us that's artistic demands it. That might sound pompous, but it's true.

During the concepting phase of a new campaign, there's always one idea that everyone falls in love with. One that's just a little bit unexpected, maybe even crazy. We call those our wild cards.

Most of the time, those ideas never see the light of day. But when they do? They can be truly inspiring. Kinda like this TV spot for the Washington Lottery.

I heart this commercial. Whenever I'm having a bad day at work, I make myself watch it. As a reminder, you know? Of what can be when you dream hard enough.

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