Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hey, It's Okay...

There are a lot of things in this world that it's not okay to be okay about. Like global warming. And human trafficking. And leggings worn with crop tops (cover your asses, ladies). But this list? Is about  all the things we need to stop stressing the hell out about (and I have Airing My Dirty Laundry to thank for the idea, so visit her). So, without further ado, I give you:

Hey, it's okay...

To think that lettuce on a hamburger counts as a vegetable.

To tell a clueless wonder that her grin would look a lot better if she lost the lipstick on her teeth.

To wonder why we need DVDs to teach our children to read (isn't that counter productive?).

To be really glad to see your family when they come to visit...and almost as glad to see them go.

To indulge in a pity party fueled by chocolate when the fitting room mirror gives you bad news.

To feed your child non-organic, genetically-altered, pesticide-covered fruits and vegetables (just wash them first).

To mourn the loss of the fantastic boobs your 21-year-old self didn't fully appreciate.

To hate Jillian Michaels. And Dr. Oz. And even Oprah. Yes, Oprah.

To think the trashy  paranormal romance novel you just read was way better than that Pulitzer Prize-winning bore you forced yourself to finish.

To fantasize about arriving on a deserted beach on a Caribbean island, curling up in a hammock under a palm tree with your honey...and taking a two-hour nap.

That's  my list. What are you okay about?


  1. I am ok with the fact that I count "blogging" as "working".

  2. I agree about the novel. I have a mom who has read every one of the 100 most significant books ever written and I feel compelled to follow suit, but sometimes I just want some brain candy.

  3. You mean I'm not the only one who doesn't worship at the alter of Oprah?

    Oh, a nap. That sounds wonderful. It doesn't even have to be on an island somewhere. I'd settle for anywhere, as long as it's uninterrupted!

  4. I'm OK with a less than clean house if I am happy doing other things!

  5. Its okay to hate and LOVE Jillian! :) I may hate her mid way through my workout, but I AM LOVE-LOVE-LOVING her when I am done!

    I read "Airing my dirty laundry" as well, and I LOVE her lists on tuesdays! :)

  6. This post is great. I want to go to a Caribbean island - BY MYSELF

  7. Love it! I'm OK with not having my house clean and orderly 100% of time. Or even 50% of the time. I'm not a super woman after all.

  8. I love this...one day, I hope to get to the "It's OK" stage. Perhaps after a few more mental health sessions here on Tuesdays, it'll come....

  9. This was a great post! You always make me laugh. I say screw the husbands, let's hit the beach together, I'll buy the beer.
    It's Ok...to ignore your child who is calling to you from her room at 10:30 at night when you know she needs NOTHING except sleep.

  10. My husband HATES Oprah with the firey passion of a thousand suns. Also, I think he misses my 21 yr old boobs. I shall show him your list! ;)

  11. It's okay to read blogs while your children are happily playing in their living room while munching on non organic carrots that have been washed.

    It's okay to take ten thousand photos of your kids and post them on Facebook/Myspace and anywhere else you choose because they are kids and they don't stay little and cute forever.

    It's okay to harass the pediatrician and any other doctor your children see. They can't fully speak for themselves so mom (or dad) has to do it for them and in a way that will make the pediatrician always remember what is going on.

    It's okay that your beds aren't made every day and that the dishes aren't washed every day. As long as you shut the bedroom doors when guests arrive and have the dirty dishes stashed away in the dish washer.

    It's okay that you only dust the top of the refrigerator twice a year. Nobody is tall enough to see the top anyway.

    It's okay .....it's just okay


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