Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reminder: This Too Will Pass.

OK Go, one of my favorite bands, returns to viral video goodness with this piece of YouTube awesomeness. I'm posting it here to make up for my whining yesterday...because this too shall pass, yo!

Now go and have a happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. I was thinking to myself 'Aren't these the famed treadmill guys?' and then saw them reaffirm that they ARE! Freakin love it!! (And, thrifty as I am, I couldn't help but wonder - i bet this bizarre, intricate video cost LESS than all those other music videos out there. And this is Muy muy better!)

    And, this too shall pass.

  2. Wow, cool video! I've never seen it before! Glad I don't have to clean the mess!!


  3. LOVE the video!!! So feels like my life sometimes...espeically now..."cool effects" yet total chaos! hahaha

    Thanks for coming by my blog!! Love yours...I'm gonna take a peek around. :)



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