Thursday, January 28, 2010

Writer's Workshop: A Wise Woman Told Me...

“People are going to start pressuring you to have another baby, but don’t rush into anything. Two is way tougher than one.”

My sister-in-law shared those wise words of advice with me during one of the few quiet moments we had together at Christmas. She’s got two girls, born just two years apart, so she knows what she’s talking about.

Truth is, I don’t know if I’ll have another baby. After all, I’m not getting any younger. And as much as I love Tori, she’s a heck of a lot of work. Right now, she demands my attention almost constantly. In fact, if I walk out of the room she’s in, she almost always crawls right after me, crying ”mamamamama.”

I simply can’t imagine juggling the needs of two munchkins at once. How is it possible?

Plus, there’s the money issue. Sure, we have all the gear now, but there’s still daycare to think about. We’d need a bigger car, for sure. We’d also lose our guest room, so we’d have to buy a sleeper sofa. And then there’s college. With my luck, they’d both want to go to expensive liberal arts schools that I’d have to re-mortgage my house to afford (hi mom!).

But then, as I hold her sleepy body in my arms, my heart flips. She’s brought so much joy into our lives. How could we not have another one?

Reading things like this, and seeing pictures like these don’t help matters. To tell the truth, they kind of make my uterus hurt.

But, oh, the work. The not sleeping for months and months and months. The aching joints and constant indigestion and leaking boobs and eight-week C-section recovery and year-long post-pregnancy diet and, and, and…

Yeah. I’m not going to rush into anything.

Now head over to Mama Kat's and see what the other workshoppers have to say!


  1. I am following thanks to Friday Follow!!! Sorry I am late/ or early!!!!

  2. Um, I totally want another baby. Soon. I was ready for another one while I was still recovering from my C-section in the hospital.

    Maybe I'm addicted to the post-partum hormones?

  3. Oh, e, I totally want one. But the thought scares the crap out of me. It's a conundrum.

  4. First of all great post.
    I agree, how easy I forget about the first month of sleepless nights and back aches during pregnancy when I look at babies. I am kind of in the same boat, but I think I'll let my uterus ache, new baby free!

  5. One opinion ... Ben is 5 years older than his little sis, and frankly ... IT IS PERFECT!! He loves her all to pieces, helps out with her when I need her entertained. The best part, by 5 years, all the hellish memories of the first one are replaced by dreamy longing.

  6. Great point, Monique...but by then I'll be pushing 40...yikes.

  7. i had my second seven years after at 36. and i still want another at 38, but i don't think it will happen..

    thanks for the follow last week, following you back slowly :)

  8. Two is definitely harder than one, but like anything else there are pros and cons to either option. Tori is still pretty young - who knows how you will feel when she is older, but you know, however you feel is fine - it's your family and you will know when it's complete.

  9. My uterus kind of hurt just reading this. I can't even begin to imagine the challenges. Twins run on my hubbies side of the family and boy do they have stories.

    Great take on mama kat's workshop. I did the same topic.

  10. My kids are 3 years apart. Truthfully, I wasn't ready for either one of them. But I adjusted and we're all getting along just fine. I'm done having babies but when I see pictures of them it makes me want another just a little bit.

  11. Just do whatever is right for YOU! I was hell-bent on not having another kid...mine is almost 4, and I've just now gotten that "urge" for a second.

  12. We've opted for (or accepted that we were forced into) the only child. There's no denying that having only one is very easy.

  13. I have three and I'm completely insane. I can't think straight most days and I yell more than I talk normally. Just saying...

    But then again, I wouldn't trade it for the world. :)

  14. I agree that you just have to do what works for you. My husband and I? Why, we're prolific breeders! Hooray! ;-) There is 5 years between my 2nd and third because I was completely DONE after my second. And now, here we are at 4 kids and not done yet!


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