Monday, November 23, 2009

Somebody Smack Me: My Brain's Gone AWOL.

This time last year, I was about twenty weeks pregnant.

Twenty weeks pregnant and already looking like I was about to pop. Twenty weeks pregnant and already not sleeping. Twenty weeks pregnant and already suffering from near constant back pain.

Twenty weeks pregnant and already ready to be done with the whole thing.

But today? Today I'm kind of missing being pregnant.

I know. That's insane, right?

It's just that the whole pregnancy thing was so exciting. Everything was new. Everything was wondrous. The little girl, she was just starting to make her presence known. In fact, I had just found out she was a little girl.

We were busy picking out names. Trying to decide how to decorate her bedroom. I was eating all the ice cream I wanted, and not feeling even a tiny bit guilty for not working out.

Everywhere I went, people smiled at me. They told me I looked cute (even when I hadn't washed my hair, brushed my teeth or put on a lick of makeup). They squealed, and giggled, and oohed and ahhed.

Everything I did, I thought to myself, "this will be the last time I...go Christmas shopping before I'm a mom. Stuff my face with turkey before I'm a mom. Celebrate the New Year before I'm a mom."

See what I mean? Everything was just a little...more.

Now, of course, I'm a mom. A mom who's still carrying an extra twenty pounds, is always tired and can never seem to get anywhere close to the bottom of her To Do list.

I'm not a star anymore. I'm not exciting anymore. I'm

And life? Has gone back to being just life.

Don't get me wrong. I love me my Tori, and I thank my lucky stars that I've been blessed with her presence in my life.

But sometimes? I miss being pregnant. 


  1. Wow, yea you're crazy!! ;)

    But that's coming from someone who is 28 weeks pregnant today, and hates being pregnant!! Sure I get all your reasons about why being pregnant the first time is fun, but this time around it's a whole new ball game. Not as many people get excited for you, and it kind of takes away from your excitement. I am also a little sad that we only have 12 more weeks of just having one child, and I feel kinda bad for my son, like maybe I'll ruin him by giving him a sister! Ah, but I do remember last year this time when he was 6 months old, I couldn't wait to have another!!

  2. SITS hello. Oh, I hear you. I think this comes and goes. We are done having kids and I get that "ache" a lot, actually. And then I baby sat an 8 month old on Sunday and was kind of glad to go home to toddlers.

  3. Oh, we are with you! Know that each passing month gets easier! I do agree, it is nice to be "special" during that time though, isn't it?

  4. I can see that. I may not understand it fully, but I think I can see it.

  5. Being pregnant can be hard but it is also a really cool time!

  6. I loved being pregnant. I was pregnant for Thanksgiving 2004 and I really pigged out. It was wonderful. But not being pregnant is pretty great too. Pants fit better.

  7. i definitely do NOT miss being pregnant. like, at all. but i do miss how much nicer people were (even if they offered and asked things that were totally TMI). i miss how people held doors open and smiled at me, how they made such a big deal out of me. it was kind of was really nice, actually.

    happy thanksgiving!

  8. Hah! I didn't get any of that special treatment because I hardly showed. I love not being pregnant AND I miss being pregnant! Our baby is Tori's age and we're trying for a second...

  9. Oh, I hear you loud and clear. I absolutely felt the same way. Absolutely.

  10. Oh, I want to get pregnant again so bad... You know, once we get our pre-baby bods back, we'll get knocked up and start the whole thing over again...

    And people were so totally awesome to me when I was pregnant. And, so totally awful.. like all the times strangers asked "Are you sure there's not two in there? HAR HAR HAR!"


  11. I miss maternity pants. These buttons and zippers are for the birds.

    Oh, and I miss getting to jump to the front of every public restroom line.

    That's about it...

  12. You're just delusional.


    Nah, I loved my first pregnancy. I even really enjoyed my second. My third? Was awful. I will never go through that again, so help me God.

  13. I was pregnant with my second child this time last year too and I keep thinking "ooh do I want another now" and not sure if it is because I like being pregnant or I actually want a third child!!

  14. I'm having one of those moments too. I miss feeling the baby move around, knowing there is life growing. It's just amazing. Now to convince hubby that should start trying for #2.


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