Saturday, November 7, 2009

Banishing the Baby Belly: Week Eight.

This week, I declare victory over Halloween. Despite having 150 pieces of leftover candy at my house, and being surrounded by chocolate goodness at work, I actually managed to lose a pound.

This does not mean that I did not indulge. On the contrary, I had a piece or two every day. But this week, I decided not to eat anything  after dinner. No junk food, no candy, not even a healthy snack. And that seems to have made a difference. So I guess I'll have to keep it up?

I'm still slacking hugely on the exercise front, though. I know I need to just man up and make myself go straight to the gym from work, but it's hard to do it. I don't get off work till about six most days. So if I go work out, I don't get home until it's just about time to put Tori to bed.

That kind of sucks.

I did buy a jogging stroller last weekend. It was the steal of the century—only $45 for a stroller that was easily $400 new. But it's dark by the time I get home. Who wants to jog in the dark?

People who want to get thin, that's who. Right? Right.

You know what's really motivating, though? Taking a stroll through the center of a college town on a warm, sunny day. All those skinny sorority bitches...they're enough to make a person want to perform some emergency liposuction on themselves.

Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything.

Anyway, that's it for me. How did you guys do this week?


  1. Yeah for 1 lbs!! I'm a little scared to weigh myself this week, I had a couple eat outs day. (good thing I do not live near a college, whew ahah)

  2. Yeah on your loss, Amber!

    Re: Exercise... I know it is easier said than done, but why not wake up before Tori and get a run in before work....or... why not exercise after you put her down for the night? Bea is in bed, asleep by 7 pm, and it might be late, but it would still be a work out.

    Even if you did it 3 days during the work week, that would be great!

  3. Yep, I know, e. I know. It's just a matter of changing my lazy ways. I have to go to work this afternoon...and I'm not allowed to come home until I spend some quality time with the elliptical machine.

  4. I think I've kind of dropped the diet ball lately, I don't know if it's the weather or what but I'm kind of just hanging by a thread these days. Congrats on the pound lost!

  5. This is off topic, but I really like your layout.

  6. I got off track a bit with some beer drinking, but i've been able to settle down. With the holidays though it's going to be tough!

  7. Boy...I am way behind because I am still working off the baby belly from 7 and 5 years ago and then I have baby post 1 year belly to work on too. Better get my butt in gear.
    Thanks for sharing.


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