Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wordful Wednesday: The Halloween Photo Shoot

I love Halloween. Love it with a capital L. Not so much the gory, scare-the-crap-outta-you part of the holiday, but the dressing up and getting candy part? That's pure awesomeness in my book.

In past years, of course, I didn't have a child to costume. But you know what I did have? A dog. That's right, my dog was forced to dress up. I don't think he really minded...

But now we have Tori. Sure, she's a little small to go trick or treating, but that doesn't mean I can't dress her up. Lucky girl that she is, she has two costumes. One we picked up at a second hand store for $5.

I call her my grumposaurus when she's fussy, so I thought a dragon costume would be appropriate.

Have you ever seen a cuter dragon?

I didn't think so.

But then we started worrying that we'd get flack for not dressing her in something appropriately girly, so I made her a fairy costume. That's right. Anti-crafty me made a costume. Luckily, it didn't require any sewing.

She likes being a fairy, I think. Here's a full length shot...

I think it turned out fairly well, all things considered. In fact, I'm patting myself on the back right now.

Couldn't you just eat her up? Oh, and don't worry. Kermit got in on the action too.

He'll always be our fur baby, after all. Hopefully, by Halloween, I'll have come up with a new costume for him. One that matches the baby's, perhaps?

I can hear him snorting in disgust right now.


  1. The buddha belly on the dragon is PRICELESS!!!
    Found you on SITS!
    Come on by to see my post today on Candy Buffet at a baby shower :)

  2. What great pics! The kids are adorable. So is the dog :) Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  3. she's so adorable! i love those chubby cheeks!! awwwwwwww

  4. Great job on the tutu! Also, great job on making a cute baby. My ovaries hurt now.

  5. Hiya Amber. Thanks so much for popping by my bloggity-blog! I am so glad that you did cause geesh - Tori is a DREAM! Look at how CUTE she is. The dragon costume is super sweet BUT I am totally partial to the little fairy!

  6. Popped in to say hello! What cute costumes!

  7. Such cute costumes! Love the little dragon costume! "Grump-a-saurus";) I think I'll mention that to my 12 yr old for a costume idea;) LOL Hmmm... Maybe me?? :}

    I love your pup's costume too! So cute!

  8. Very Cute baby! Came visiting from SITS! You are a writer? ME too! I am in the course of writing a novel.:) Come and check me out sometime!
    I am a follower now!

  9. LOVE this blog!I am a follower now!! YEAH! I am also a writer! Come stop by and check me out!

  10. your daughter is the costumes! love your baby belly blog too. i refer to mine as post-baby belly hang-- a bit long, but it works!

    found you through SITS...i'm a new follower

  11. That dinosaur costume is so adorable!!

    Visiting you from SITS!

    Come by and check out my giveaway:

    Nana's Box

  12. How stinking cute! I love both of those costumes.
    Dropped by from SITS.

  13. No I have not seen a cuter dragon or fairy! LOVE IT!!!!

  14. A Dor A Buhl
    My kiddos are going to be spiders this year. Its the first year my toddler will "do" Halloween. I'm just hoping it gets cool enough by then, because otherwise they'll be too hot in their costumes. Halloween costumes are so hard to plan here in The could be 95 degrees or 42, you just never know.

  15. Thanks for the sweet note! I'm glad you like my story!

  16. Hi from SITS. Love these costumes. Too Cute!

  17. Those are too cute!! and you did a great job on the faerie outfit! Maybe the dog should be a knight in armor to the dragon, or an ogre to the faerie?

    Happy Halloween and thanks for stopping by and leaving a note!

  18. Oh. My. Gosh! I LOVE the dragon!!! And those cheeks - could you just eat them up???

    And you pat away on that back of yours, Sister. I'm crazy impressed with the fairy costume! Kuddos to you!

  19. my goshhh she is kissably cute and i wanna kisssss her cheeks she is pretty in all of the costums


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