Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Rare Occurrence

I don't like getting my picture taken. At all. Especially when I still have twenty plus pounds of pregnancy weight to lose. But, last weekend, my in-laws came to visit. And my husband's family? Is camera happy.

This is not a bad thing. Because of their tendency to take a camera wherever they go, we have tons and tons of family  pictures - a fact I'm sure we'll be glad of someday. It's just that in my family? We don't take pictures. Everyone groans when someone says, "say cheeeeeeeese!"

As a result, I tend to hide from the camera whenever possible. But, now there's Tori. So while the in-laws were here, I begged them to get some pictures of us as a family. After all, when she's all grown up, she won't care how fat I was when she was six months old. She'll just want proof that I was there. And happy to have her around.

So here they are, in livng color. The Southern Indiana branch of the Page family (including me).

Not the best picture of us, but hey, we're smiling.


Brian finds lost animals no matter where we are - and this was taken at a winery
(I, of course, am inside, sampling wine).


And look! There's even a picture of me! A rare sighting indeed...

And that's it for our Sunday evening photo fun. Now you may return to your regularly scheduled activities...


  1. You look beautiful. For a long time I hated having my picture taken. The result was that I left college without having really any pictures of my friends or the places we hung out or the fun things we did. It's a bit sad. So I finally gave in and try to take pictures whenever I can now -- even if I just rolled out of bed and look like Frankenstein's bride.

  2. Great photos! I hate having my picture taken too - especially a full photo. Head shots only please and then - not any close ups.

  3. Tori's kinda a spitting image of dad, no?

  4. You look beautiful, love. But I understand, TRUST ME. I'm rockin' the baby LBS and I don't really care to show the camera how I look. It's not good for the ego.

  5. I much prefer to be behind the camera. That doesn't always work, especially at family events.

  6. Awww, y'all are sweet. Thanks everyone.

    And yes, erica, she is the spitting image of her daddy. About all I can claim to have put on her is her nose...

  7. you are fabulous!! love the pictures. the little lady is adorable! awwwww

  8. Hey, every pic of me? My nose is crooked. and my eyes are half open. It is pretty bad.
    You..very cute!

  9. The last picture reminds me of Micheal Jackson dangling his kid blanket out on the hotel balcony.

  10. Thanks, babe. You always know just what to say.

  11. Aww, The pics are too sweet ;)

    **Thank you for the cookie advice, I never thought of that, great idea!**


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