Sunday, September 20, 2009

Not A Foodie Quite Yet.

Last  week, I began introducing Tori to real food. Or, at least, I attempted to do so. Because Tori? Really isn't a fan. At least not so far. She's made it quite clear that she'd really rather stick with her bottle, if we wouldn't mind. Just check out these faces she made:

This was after her first bite. Of course, very little actually made it into her mouth. You can see it drooling down her chin...

Here we are a couple bites in. I think she's wondering why I insist on torturing her this way.

And this is when I decided to give up that day's endeavor. I call this her sad old man face.

Of course, I probably wouldn't be too thrilled if someone was trying to make me eat plain old squash either. I'm guessing if it was steak, or better yet, chocolate, we might have a little more success...

I think it'll be a while before we have a true gastronome on our hands.


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