Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another Totally Random Tuesday.

Hello, everyone. And welcome to Random Tuesday in this little corner of the blogosphere.


Did you know swine flu is expected to kill 90,000 people this year? Yeah. I read that shortly after everyone in my house started to come down with a slightly flu-like illness. Internet, do I need to tell you how badly I freaked out at the thought of my not-quite-five-month-old coming down with the swine flu?

I don't think I do. But she doesn't. We don't. Have the pig, that is. It's just a garden variety cold. Or so her pediatrician assured me.

Here's another fun fact. SIDS kills 9 babies in the U.S. every day. I've tried very hard not to think about that particular statistic. But then, last week, someone on my BabyCenter board lost her little one to it. Suddenly,it became very real...

Whooo. This is a downer, isn't it? Here, watch a whistling puppy. It'll cheer you up:

There. Feel better? I do.

So I won't tell you all the useless statistics I know about other things that can kill you (health care advertising? Teaches you a lot of disturbing trivia). Instead, I'll tell you about the cute polka dot pants I bought Tori today. There's a brown fuzzy teddy bear on the butt (to hide other brown stains?).

Baby clothes? Are ridiculously cute. It's a good thing they're cheap, because I could easily spend a small fortune. Oh, and speaking of absolutely freaking adorable, check out this baby costume site. Tori needs one of everything.

Especially these:

Okay, I'm done being random. Don't forget to stop by Keely's place at the Un-Mom for more randomness!


  1. That puppy video was sooo sweet!!!!

  2. Whatever you do, do NOT go over to WebMD, you will give yourself nightmares!!!
    Love that video!

  3. How adorable are those baby costumes??? Love them!

    ...stopping by from SITS....

  4. Just stopping by from SITS! Great Blog! Loved your Random Tuesday Post!
    Happy Wednesday!
    Come over and check out my 5 DAYS of GIVE-A-WAYS!


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