Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Maybe we should name the baby Barack?

Change the world? Heck yeah, we can. We just did.

I couldn't have asked for a better outcome to Leroy's first election.

When we voted on Sunday, I knew we were part of something momentous. Here in my little town in Southern Indiana, the line at the polling station wrapped around the block. In fact, we waited almost three hours for our turn at the machines. Long enough that I got a sunburn. In November.

But you know what? It was kinda fun. There was an almost palpable feeling of excitement in the air. Of pride. And of impending revolution.

The crowd, which seemed to be overwhelmingly full of Obama supporters, chatted cheerfully, soaking up the sunshine and listening to the local musicians who turned out to entertain us, like Joe the Accordion Player.

There were many topics of conversation, (and indeed, I was subjected to a lengthy lecture about the evils of medicated childbirth) but most people seemed to be talking about one thing. Change.

A lot of folks seemed to be afraid to hope too much. Scared that the Republicans would still find a way to pull the rug out from under us. Unwilling to believe that we would actually pull it off. I know that's how I felt.

But we did it. We got Barack Obama elected and took the first step toward fixing everything that's wrong with this country.

And, for once in my life, I am ridiculously proud to be an American.